Sunday, July 24, 2016

6 Reasons On Why Gigatel Is Your Best Broadband Internet Choice In Delhi

Here are the reasons:

1) Reliability
One quality that makes Gigatel Networks the best choice in comparison to other ISPs in Delhi is its reliability. Gigatel is highly reliable and is always available regardless of the weather/climate condition. The company believes that a good broadband Internet service provider isn’t weather dependent and the user is always assured of the quality of service anytime he or she uses it.

2) Speed

Another reason why Gigatel is your best choice in Delhi is its broadband Internet speed. We know that several Internet service providers make claims in their ads only to end up unsatisfying and disappointing you on the long run. But, Gigatel does deliver your required speed. People don't need the fastest Internet connection in the world, so must know what speed you need and Gigatel is capable of delivering such speed.

3) Wide Range of Plans
Gigatel provides a wide range of broadband Internet plans at pocket friendly prices. See the chart below:
Plan Name
Plan Volume
Post FUP
5 Mbps
40 GB
512 Kbps
20 Mbps
40 GB
1 Mbps
30 Mbps
40 GB
1 Mbps
50 Mbps
40 GB
2 Mbps
100 Mbps
40 GB
2 Mbps

4) No hidden fees
In the world of how Internet service providers work, Gigatel is a different breed for sure. There is no extra fee or, nothing is hidden and you get the Internet speeds you are paying for. This is some of the differences between us and other IPS's in the capital city of India.

5) Affordable Prices
One of the major factors when it comes to choosing a good broadband Internet connection is the price you’re charged. Gigatel does not cost you high, rather it provides the cheapest plans in Delhi and is also available to all. The service provider is inexpensive as well as able to justify its price with the service it provides you.

6) Always On
Gigatel Internet has more than a 99.95% uptime overall. Their professional and trained network engineers work around the clock monitoring and ensuring your Internet is reliable and fast.

Other reasons why Gigatel is your best choice in Delhi, include personalized plans that suit every corporation or individual, customer oriented team that is always available to help users, affordable packages that will suit your requirement and wallet, robust infrastructure that makes sure high uptime and speed and high speed Internet connectivity with large bandwidth.

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