Monday, September 26, 2016

Gigatel Networks 5 Mbps Broadband Connection In Delhi Only For Rs.700

In India, the Internet is getting faster and faster. Not only has the bandwidth increased as compared to 5 to 7 years before, but the broadband tariff has decreased as well. Gigatel Networks, a leading internet provider in south Delhi, is now offering 5Mbps speed for just Rs. 700. It has also introduced lots of new booster Internet Plans with first month free trial in order to attract more and more customers.

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Users can avail the 5Mbps option for Rs. 700 while 10 Mbps Rs. 900, which  is much cheaper than  other broadband providers are offering in South Delhi. Keep in mind that  5Mbps plan comes with limited download options (40GB) and will not really benefit the power users who like being online 24 hours. If your internet provider in south Delhi is competing with Gigatel Networks most likely they may cut the price as well.
Gigatel Networks is serving a large number of happy and satisfied customers in Delhi, and this was achieved by providing them with the best internet plans with great customer care services. Their customers acknowledge the internet speed, best service quality and value for money plans that they provide.

Check out below the complete list of broadband Internet plans that they offer, including flexi and light usage plans that can be utilized by home users having relatively lower Broadband usage.

Gigatel Networks Tariffs And Plans
Now, Gigatel Networks has become synonymous with hard to defeat broadband plans in Delhi, that offer more GBs than any other internet provider in south Delhi for the same spend with a robust internet connection. The service provider has more than a 99.95% uptime overall and their professional network engineers work around the clock monitoring and making sure your Internet is fast and reliable. You get the Internet speeds you are paying for, and there is no additional fee or, nothing is hidden.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of factors that can affect your Internet speed. For example, Hardware, Viruses, Browsers, Number of users, The software you run and many more.

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